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Telaugos Solutions is a technical consultancy company specializing in the provision of objective evidence to support strategic thinking.

Imagine viewing the night sky just as clouds clear and the stars begin to shine. That transition illustrates the meaning of 'telaugos', an old Greek word which means to 'see clearly, as far as the horizon'.

It's also the essence of Telaugos Solutions: we combine our expertise in problem-structuring methods and in computer-based modelling techniques with the practical experience of domain experts to clarify issues and shed light on difficult decisions.

Lawrence Dack, Director of Telaugos Solutions
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Why work with us?

Through working with us and our network of experts you will gain insights into the complex situations you face, and generate evidence which gives you the clarity to make difficult strategic decisions with confidence.  We blend sound systems engineering principles, rigorous analysis, and hard-won experience to address your needs with insight and precision.

Our expertise is showcased by two key offerings, Telascope and Telagraph.

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For clarification of situations where no-one has the whole picture but many have a perspective, Telascope offers a facilitative, group-based approach to understanding, mapping, and prioritising issues, enabling clear-sighted decisions that are shared and endorsed by all participants.

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A modelling tool which supports group-based development model to capture what stakeholders know of a situation and visualise future trends.  It can be used in its own right, or integrated within the Telascope process.

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Joining the Team

We engage with a network of partner companies and individual associates, who provide valuable support to our projects.  This is not done on the basis of short-term convenience; we value the people in our network, and look to build long-term relationships over years, enabling communities of interest for the benefit of all.

If you would like us to consider you for inclusion in the Telaugos community, please contact us via the link below.

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Latest News

24th May 2018
Following the Manchester Arena bombing and subsequent terror attacks in London of 2017, the UK Government Office of Security and Counter Terrorism within the Home Office sought to encourage innovation to improve crowd resilience. Key areas of interest from… continue reading
10th May 2017
We are delighted to announce that Telascope was down-selected to the final round of entrants for the UKCEB Excellence Awards, which were judged at the Defence Information '17 event hosted on 26th-27th April 2017 at the Defence Academy, Shrivenham. Telascope… continue reading
12th November 2016
Telaugos are delighted to have been awarded a Certificate of Assurance for compliance with the information security requirements of the Cyber Essentials Scheme. Cyber Essentials was developed by the UK Government and industry with the aim to help… continue reading
6th June 2016
To help foster collaboration between our growing network of associates and partner companies, Telaugos hosted an ‘Innovation Fayre’ on the Cody Technology Park.  This provided a platform for companies to promote innovative products or services in a market… continue reading
23rd May 2016
Large scale people smuggling from Libya has been endemic for at least fifteen years, is increasing and consists of migrants of different nationalities and social standing.  The revolution in Libya in 2011 and subsequent political upheaval has introduced a… continue reading
15th May 2016
Telaugos staff and associates are playing a significant role in a multi-disciplinary team engaged through Niteworks on the fourth year of programmed analysis and experimentation (A&E) activities supporting HoC Combat capability development.  This year,… continue reading
1st March 2016
The Telaugos Associate community exceeds 100 for the first time.